Retail & Distribution

We are currently seeking retailers or agricultural distributors in the Caribbean.

Contact us through the form below to learn more about these opportunities.   

Importing Seeds

Contact your local Ministry of Agriculture about importing seeds to your island or country. You will need to have an Import Permit (easily acquired) and we will need to provide you a Phytosanitary Certificate with the shipment.

Product packaging

Backyard Farmers LineFlower Garden Variety

  • Packets are 3" x 4.5" in size and has a standard hang hole.
  • Packets are resealable and made of plastic and foil.
  • Minimum order quantity per seed variety is 10 packets.

Professional Farmers Line

  • Packet dimensions and weight vary. Comes in 2 sizes, a small & large size.
  • Minimum order requirement is USD$1000.
  • There are more varieties of seeds than listed in the catalog - contact us if you cannot find what you need


    • Payments are accepted in US$ by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Transfer. 

    Contact us using the form below

    • We will call or email you back soon.
      • Please include the kind of business (e.g. agriculture, hardware, supermarket, general retail store)? Number of locations? What is your interest: Professional line or Backyard gardens? or Both?